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::: Cameo Etched :::

Cameo Etched Vases

One of the oldest decorative techniques dating back to 3rd Century Peking Glass.
The harder work begins after
blowing the glass piece.
Etching is done by sand blasting
thru thin glass overlays.
The etched glass layers
create a contrast in color.
These are limited production pieces, very personal and
highly collectible.

::: Decorative :::

Decorative Vases

Decorative pieces are
spontaneously created at the workbench by combining different colors of molten glass.
Borrowing techniques from the
Art Nouveau period
and combining them with contemporary innovations,
one of a kind
art works are created.

::: Painted :::

Painted Vases

The most contemporary innovation
in art glass making,
this process entails painting
with oils mixed with ground glass.
An art piece begins by
creating blown glass
which is subsequently painted with the oil and grond glass mixture,
heated, encased in molten glass,
and then blown to size.
This is the most painterly of glass and done on a limited basis.

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