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Art Glass Movement History

Let's begin with the "Grandfathers" of the movement: Harvey Littleton from the USA and Erwin Eisch from Germany.  These two men are considered the founders of the international Studio Glass movement, together with Dominick Labino who assisted them with technical knowledge and through the first generation of a few select students.

The main personalities of the first generation include:
     Sam Herman, Royal College of Art Glass Department, London;
     Marvin Lipofsky, UC Berkeley Glass Art Department, USA;
     Dr. Robert C. Fritz, Glass Art Department, San Jose
                                 State University, USA; and
     Sybren Valkema, Glass Department Founder, Gerrit Rietveld
                                 Academie, Amsterdam

This generation, masters of their trade, passed down exciting information to numerous young artists of following generations.  Dale Chihuly is one of the most vivid names to dare to go into this field and find an exciting medium of expression.

There is yet another group of artists -- those who bypassed the academic entrance to this profession and learned by doing, including my humble self.  This autodidactic approach is fueled by a pioneer spirit and pursuit of a long journey of trials and tribulations.  I can offer you first hand examples of what exactly was going on over the past 30 years.

In opposition to what some may think, glass art is NOT a dying art but a vital and exuberant art -- an ART MOVEMENT that is continually moving and spreading
Glass art is weaving itself more and more into our consciousness effecting our daily lives and life styles more than we can image.

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