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John Barber delights in a variety of custom design and installation artwork;
public art displays as well as private collections.

Montage Laguna Beach Resort Entrance Custom Design by John Barber

Eternal Sunset by John Barber   Eucalyptus Urn by John Barber

~ Eternal Sunset and Eucalyptus Urns ~
(2003, Funded by the Montage Laguna Beach Resort)
The images above show John Barber's design and execution of a custom 27-foot long glass mural and illuminated urns at the entrance of the Montage Laguna Beach Resort.  Barber created the distinctive glass mural, Eternal Sunset, in a style known as pate de verre glass casting.  This most unique form of glass is rarely seen historically or in contemporary work.  Very early glassmakers used the technique of metal casting to cast glass and treat it as "poured stone."  Dating from the 3rd Century BC, this technique predates blown glass by 1500 years.  Glass works created in pate de verre have proven durability, and some museum pieces have survived more than 2000 years.  The beautiful mural, visible from Pacific Coast Highway, depicts a graceful Laguna Beach landscape.  This bas relief mural is composed of 17 cast panels 1.5 inches thick and is backlit at night offering a glowing sunset perspective.

Barber also created two 48-inch tall illuminated Eucalyptus Urns,
inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement, placed on pedestals at the property entrance.  Combining bronze Eucalyptus trees framing pate de verre glass panels and bases, these urns offer a soothing glowing light from within.

Barber has gone on to create additional art glass pieces for
The Montage Laguna Beach Resort, 30801 South Coast Highway.

~ Cameo Glass Urn Lamps ~
(2011, Funded by the Montage Laguna Beach Resort)
The Montage Laguna Beach Resort commissioned Barber to produce
a pair of cameo glass urn lamps for the property
-- as seen in the Laguna Beach Independent newspaper.

Custom work for private clients has included:

Chandelier by John Barber   Chandeliers by John Barber   Chandelier by John Barber
~ Natural Light Chandeliers ~
Three very large and intricate blown glass chandeliers highlight the stairwell of this private residence.  Chandeliers can be wired for illumination.

Bamboo & Dragonfly Lantern by John Barber
~ Residential Entry ~
The entry for this Cameo Shores home in Corona del Mar, Newport Beach features cast and fused glass in the door, transom window, and sconces.

Additional public art in Laguna Beach that John Barber has created includes:

Beacon by John Barber and Louis Longhi       Usher In by John Barber and Louis Longhi
~ Beacon and Usher In ~
(2007, Funded by the City of Laguna Beach)
A collaborative installation with bronze artist and sculptor Louis Longhi,
at 1900 Laguna Canyon Road.  Beacon symbolically directs visitors towards the city and beach with a bronze figure holding a 3 foot hand blown glass beacon of light.  Usher In, a backless bench with cast glass seat, reinforces the importance and value of visitors with two bronze figures working together carrying them towards the vibrance of the city.

Bamboo & Dragonfly Lantern by John Barber
~ Bamboo & Dragonfly Lanterns ~
(2008, Funded by Charles Roher)
Located at 346 North Coast Highway, the Bamboo & Dragonfly Lanterns include bronze work by local artist David Brunetta.  Barber's glass panels feature a bamboo and dragonfly design, complimenting the Craftsman-inspired architecture of the building here.

Sconce by John Barber
~ Blown Glass Sconces ~
(2009, Funded by von Hemert Interiors)
Located at 345 North Coast Highway, these two light fixtures each consist of three blown glass fluted shades and blown glass finials and were designed to flank and complement the entrance to this space.

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